The World Is Your Drum Kit

Reuben Spyker  /  Performances / Oct 15

A ping pong ball as a guiro? A trash can as a bass drum? In this video, watch Reuben Spyker turn a bottle of toothpicks into a shaker and make the world into a percussive paradise.

Anyone can incorporate out-of-the-box drumming into their vocabulary by trying creative techniques and sound sources. You can drum on (or with) virtually anything! And you can drum pretty much anywhere.

So we want you to help us prove it.

(This contest has now ended)

Want to win the PDP kit in the video (minus the cymbals and snare drum)? Here’s how to enter the play-along contest:

  • Download the track “Peppy” by Sean Lang (Click here!)
  • Film yourself playing along to it and showing that rhythm is everywhere (hint: try different locations and use different sound sources)
  • Title your video “Drumeo – Rhythm Is Everywhere 2019”
  • To enter on Facebook, find the video ‘The World Is Your Drum Kit’ on the Drumeo page and leave a link to your video in the comments
  • To enter on Instagram, tag @drumeoofficial in your video and add the hashtag #drumeojam

The contest ends October 31 and we will announce the winner November 1. We’ll also be editing the entries together to create an epic collaboration video. Good luck!

Click here for the full contest rules.

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