“Don’t be afraid to sing in your own voice.”

Stephen Taylor is a drummer and drum set educator living in Nashville, Tennessee. He is the founder of and also the creator of the Drum Better Daily system. While Stephen has been utilizing the internet and social media to create an online drum education business for quite a while now, he started off playing a lot in clubs on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. He eventually left that scene to further his education by attending the University of Southern Mississippi and obtained his jazz studies degree under the instruction of Dr. John Wooten.

Stephen did have a professional career as a touring musician with the band Lovers and Liars and was signed to Universal Republic Records, but in other interviews I have heard Stephen talk about how this situation wasn’t as amazing as people may think. It was time for him to take control of the wheel and do something that was his own.

Since this time, Stephen has poured his energy into Stephen’s Drum Shed. He has a close relationship with his online students and focuses on providing value to the drumming community.

In this episode:

You will hear about…

  • Our thoughts about engaging with our audience
  • Living in the culture of where music originated from and how that adds a legit quality to music
  • Why you may not be happy with your sound
  • Establishing rules to explore your creativity
  • Making your strengths stronger
  • Why your story matters

Why you should listen:

There are many things that I enjoy about Stephen’s content but one thing in particular is how pragmatic he is about character building. It is something he tends to focus a lot on. Basically, how you develop your character off the kit helps your playing while on the kit. The two things exist simultaneously. So, knowing this about Stephen, we dove headfirst into topics about self-acceptance, courage, your voice, making your strengths stronger and why your story matters.

All of these topics are inspirational and it is all obtainable with enough soul searching and kind spiritedness towards yourself and others. I think that there is something for everybody and every skill level in this interview.

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