“Can you become a better person and simultaneously help your surroundings and improve other people’s lives? Then you got it all figured out! Now just keep doing that day in day out and enjoy it. That’s how you live a good life, I think.”

Siros Vaziri is a Swedish drummer and entrepreneur. He is one of the very few who have managed to exist on social media and turn his online presence into a business within the drumming community. With a highly engaged audience on Instagram and Facebook, Siros has painstakingly ensured that he inspires his audience to find more productivity and personal growth in their lives.

His original concept, “Fill Of The Day”, blew up and gained him a tremendous audience. This method of direct teaching was just the beginning of his journey of creating an online business. He then began creating a la carte products that contained lessons that pushed the level of quality up from his regular social media posts. Since then, he has been gigging, hosting drum camps at his studio, diving headfirst into physical fitness and nutrition, and most recently his newest endeavor “Daily Drum Bites”, which is a subscription-based service.

Siros never ceases to amaze me due to his dedication to his path. He is constantly evolving and showing us the power of proper social media management and entrepreneurship. For someone in their early twenties, Siros is a fantastic role model for all people in this community. He demonstrates that if we stick to something, over time a net positive result is possible.

Siros endorses Tama, Meinl Cymbals, Evans and Promark.

In this episode:

You’ll hear about…

  • Siros’ new subscription service, “Daily Drum Bites”
  • How people connect with online branding
  • The reality of subscriber/follower counts vs. paying customers and super fans
  • Thoughts about why people place such a low value on online media
  • Smartphone addiction and the benefits to disciplined usage and mono tasking
  • Siros’ average screen time on his smartphone
  • The virtues of social media and communicating with our audience
  • Siros’ journey to healthier living through good nutrition and exercise
  • The long-term virtues of investing in yourself even when it doesn’t give you a direct monetary return

Why you should listen:

This episode contains a lot of conversations that are often avoided in our community. I have been asked personally by aspiring content creators on how to start something like a podcast. Almost every single time, the idea of monetization is brought into question. I always suggest to people that this is not the thing we need to aspire to. Consider the early stages of content, creating free education rather than giving things away. Eventually, you will learn a lot about how this is done and perhaps an opportunity will come as a result. But most importantly you must love what you are doing and treat it as a nice hobby in the beginning.

Another part of this conversation that really bears tremendous value is the topic of mono-tasking within a world of smartphone addiction. It is true that many of us have an issue with ignoring our phones because they are always calling us. I personally feel that our quality of life becomes deeply affected by this addiction. There is nothing wrong with the phones themselves, and in many cases it is a powerful and helpful technology that can make our lives more interesting and engaging. But we must maintain a sense of self discipline when it comes to this. Between these two topics alone, this podcast is something you really need to check out.

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