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Brandon Scott: Create With Passion

Seamus Evely  /  UPDATED Nov 21, 2023

“I need things like skateboarding, or surfing, or art, or like you, building to just balance myself out.”

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Brandon Scott is an online drum educator through his popular YouTube channel. Most of the content he produced was while he lived in Cape Town, South Africa. Recently, however, he made the move back to the USA with his wife. With a growing YouTube channel, a huge uproot, and sorting out his next moves, this was a great time to sit down and chat about what is going on with Brandon.

In this episode:

You will hear about…

  • What makes something good and letting go of certain things during the creative process
  • His experience recording 400 minutes of content at the Drummers Collective
  • If Brandon is getting bored of (most) drumming content
  • The big uproot that Brandon and his wife are currently going through
  • Some thoughts about COVID
  • The fine line between overdoing the drumming thing and not doing it enough
  • Brandon’s ultimate goal with his YouTube channel
  • Self-esteem and imposter syndrome
  • Some opinions regarding social media
  • The importance of having a connection with nature

Why you should listen:

Because this is nearly the end of this podcast, I felt inclined to discuss some stuff that isn’t talked about much but I feel is thought about often. I get the sense that there is a lot not discussed so that people’s brands aren’t put into jeopardy. But because I have canceled myself, I figured I would venture into some of that territory. You might like this just because of the nature of the conversation and how uncomfortable most of this stuff is to talk about. 

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