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Where do pro drummers practice when they’re not touring or in the studio?

In this video, you’ll see 10 of your favorite players take you through their home practice spaces, show you their gear, and walk you through their setups:

  • Jared Falk goes into his garage whisper room – ‘the Beat Box’ – and shows you his Yamaha Recording Customs, Paiste 602 reissue cymbals, and the tiniest snare you’ve ever seen.
  • Anika Nilles gives an overview of her two kits, her teaching setup, her cameras and recording setup, and practice pads.
  • Glen Sobel goes over his temporary setup, which consists of a ‘cobbled together’ kit due to his usual teaching/practice space being closed during the pandemic.
  • Tommy Igoe talks about how to ‘tune’ a room, shows a few kits and snares from his collection, highlights his recording setup and editing station, and introduces you to a very good dog.
  • Dorothea Taylor walks you around the ‘lady cave’, her vintage kits, her practice pads, and a huge drumming VHS collection.
  • Sarah Thawer introduces her drumming and writing setups, as well as a few items every drummer should have in their practice space (yes, that includes lotion).
  • Brian Frasier-Moore shows you his snare collection, his kit, his mic setup and electronics, his monitoring and camera setup, and a sneak preview of one of his recent recordings.
  • Kaz Rodriguez gives you his gear tour from behind the kit, shows you his micing and recording setup, plus LP Microsnare prototypes and Tama Mini FX snares and more in detail.
  • Juan ‘Carlito’ Mendoza takes you through his setup for live streams and online lessons, his drums and percussion instruments, his mixing room, and some rare snare drums.
  • Marco Minnemann explains his ‘kitchen’ setup, then goes over his recording tools and his DW Jazz Series.

Can you tell they’re all in their happy place?

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