“If we can address the deepest issues in our life at home and build that foundation, then everything else above us can’t really hurt us.”

Matt Greiner’s story is one that a movie script could be written about. He is a small-town farmer who assembled his high school friends at the farm to form a band. I heard a story once where Matt was in a field kicking around rocks daydreaming about what music could be for him and his friends. His dreams came true. They got signed with Solid State Records and August Burns Red became one of the world’s major metalcore groups.

Since people discovered that Matt and I were having a conversation for the podcast, I have heard the same thing from everyone. That Matt is one of the nicest people they have met or that they believe he is a nice guy from all the content where they’ve seen him featured. I can certainly confirm that Matt is an incredibly nice guy but also that he is a very deep thinker and spiritually connected in his life.

Matt and Tim Anderson have created a podcast called “Holy Ghost Notes” where they discuss Christianity and drums. I have listened to several episodes and the content is loaded with spiritually wealthy messages. I encourage folks to check out their podcast!

The goal of this episode was to provide listeners with a feeling of happiness and joy. I hope we achieved that result.

In this episode:

You will hear about…

  • Matt’s early beginnings with music
  • How we listen to music
  • Insecurity with ourselves and how that changes our approach to drumming
  • A wake up call when you’re the best in town
  • Integrating with technology and the challenges with that
  • Anxiety
  • The possible silver lining with COVID-19
  • Why you need to be your own source of spiritual wealth
  • The pain that comes with enlightenment

Why you should listen:

This is one of my favorite episodes to date because Matt and I had a very strong connection here. We talk about the things that we feel leads to a more peaceful life. I think that listeners will be filled with a deep feeling of positivity by listening to this conversation. The topics we discuss are important for people to check out and introduce into their lifestyle. During these trying times, we can all use a little pick-me-up and I feel we achieved that in this episode.

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