“Creativity stems from the mind. Feeling stems from the heart. When you combine the two together you get character.”

Maison Guidry is a multi-instrumentalist who may not be known to many people. He is an extremely advanced drummer who pushes the boundaries of what is possible. He commits himself to thirteen hours of practice per day, however, due to a recent injury to his shoulder he has had to take some time off.

A conversation like this with Maison is rare, and therefore it is a great honor to feature him here because he has some incredibly compelling thoughts regarding how people can purse a fuller day to day experience. Maison is uncompromising with his art. I hope that in the future his name becomes more widely recognized because there is no one else like him.

In this episode:

You will hear about…

  • Progress on Maison’s injury
  • The uncertainty of life
  • Why we should embrace ourselves
  • Standing by your vision
  • Where Maison believes creativity comes from
  • How people sometimes devalue themselves
  • Listener questions

Why you should listen:

I get a lot of emails and messages from listeners who are a bit uncertain about what they want. Sometimes they realize that they love drumming but they aren’t sure it is meant for them as a career. What are the influences that bring people to this state of mind? This is one of the biggest takeaways from this episode. It allows you, the listener, to reflect on your own choices and thoughts about what your life could become. This is a common dilemma with some of the drummers I have spoken with who listen to this podcast.

Besides that, this is an incredibly interesting conversation about life and choices. There is also some Star Wars stuff in here too because Maison loves Star Wars.

Listen to some of Maison’s work here: Jonathan Scales Fourchestra – Pillar (album)

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