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Jeremy Schulz: A Walk Across America

Seamus Evely  /  UPDATED Aug 19, 2022

“It was a moment of achievement that I have never felt before.”

Jeremy Schulz is a repeat guest on this podcast. He is an instructor for his own virtual teaching practice called Beats From The Core. His main focus with this is to empower people through drumming and music. Jeremy battled Tourette’s Syndrome while learning the instrument when he was a teen. He noticed that by learning how to communicate through the drums it calmed his stuttering. We discussed all of this in our first interview over a year ago.

However, today we are talking about his walk across America to raise awareness against bullying. Jeremy decided to align with the “Fight for the Forgotten” foundation that was created by MMA Heavyweight fighter, Justin Wren. Jeremy decided to walk from the Brooklyn Bridge to the Sundial Bridge in Redding, CA. His walk would be just over 3000 miles and would take nearly six months to complete. His walk was completely unassisted and in this interview we hear about the difficulties he faced, his experience with people along the way, and how this walk helped define himself and his purpose.

This episode consists of three interviews. The first interview is a short ten minute chat on the day that he left the Brooklyn Bridge. The second interview took place in Arkansas and finally the third part was recorded roughly one month after he completed his walk in California.

In this episode:

You will hear about…

  • Why Jeremy decided to walk across America
  • Our inner commentary and how to grow through difficult situations
  • The dichotomy between people’s behavior toward others online versus in person
  • Stories about Jeremy’s mishaps and close encounters with possibly life-threatening situations
  • What Jeremy learned from his walk
  • How Jeremy is adjusting to regular life again after the walk
  • The feelings Jeremy had when he walked upon the Sundial Bridge

Why you should listen:

This episode really focuses on Jeremy’s journey and the inner growth experienced by taking on such a massive challenge. It is very conversational with respect to Jeremy’s observations about the people he met and how people do in fact come together and unite when they witness someone with a strong will to do good. I would also say that this episode proves that by taking a leap of faith, we grow as a result.

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