“I think there are more drum sets and pianos collecting dust than are being sold each year.”

Jared Falk is the CEO and co-founder of Drumeo. Jared was a private drum instructor earlier in his life but eventually he began to integrate his drum lessons with media after a student of his, Rick Kettner posted a heel-toe instructional video on a Pearldrummers forum. It was the response of this video that got Jared’s gears turning. Unfortunately, Rick had to take down the post because of the incredibly high cost for bandwidth due to the excessive number of people downloading the video. In response to the video’s success, Jared proposed to Rick that they should create a video (which became “One-Handed Drum Roll”) which they filmed in Jared’s shed. This video was produced in 2005. Fast-forward fifteen years later and we have what Drumeo is today.

Jared often says that if he didn’t go in the direction he did with Drumeo, he would have likely continued working on his parents’ duck farm, “Fraser Valley Duck & Goose”. While working there, Jared would drive to Chinatown (in Vancouver) selling ducks to different barbecue shops. His goal was to drive there with a full load of product and return home empty. Repeating that process over and over must have been instrumental in teaching Jared the skills of communication and business.

So, when you combine strong business acumen and a love for drumming you end up with a businessman whose business is selling drumming. Recently, Jared has been standing up strongly toward some of the issues he sees within the industry. Partly out of self-preservation he has chosen to find ways to not just create more drummers but also to keep active drummers engaged with their instrument. Drumeo is constantly innovating within the tech space to create enticing methods of gauging a drummer’s growth with their educational materials, inspiring the community, and supporting those who want to regain their passion for drumming.

Jared endorses Paiste and Evans.

In this episode:

You will hear about…

  • The story of how Drumeo got off the ground
  • The Drumeo Method
  • Jared’s thoughts on strengthening your strengths
  • The stagnation that exists in the drum industry
  • How Jared balances his personal life with Drumeo
  • Some reasons why we think drumming is great for youth
  • The process of creating the Drumeo Festival

Why you should listen:

Jared is a unique individual in the industry. He has knowledge and perspectives that are specialized because of what he does. This insight can only really come from a handful of people in the drum world and perhaps even less within the tech/media space. Jared loves data and studying the market and uses that data to make better decisions about Drumeo.

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