“How much good can you have before the bad comes around?”

Harry Miree is a dude. Actually, let me rephrase. He IS dude. Harry is a touring and session musician who currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee but is originally from Alabama. He also has his own YouTube channel, which is fantastic and I strongly recommend that you check it out. Overall, Harry has forged a good career for himself so far and spreads his dudely vibes wherever possible.

The most common response to anyone who knew about this interview was, “Oh man, that is going to be so funny!” and I am not sure if this will come as a disappointment or not but this interview is not really funny at all.

It is actually the heaviest interview I have ever released.

In fact, I think we were both a little disoriented after this chat. It went to some dark places and as it turns out, Harry and I share a lot of parallels in our life experiences.

I had wondered why Harry had chosen humor as his method of delivering content. It just seemed to me that everything he creates for YouTube or the times he has collaborated with Drumeo is focused on comedy. Even my content has been cited by listeners as funny and people always have something to say about my laugh. So, comedy to me is also a big thing that I consider with my content. I believe it has so much to do with my dark past and my path to find happiness. I am getting closer and closer all of the time to realize that but there are definitely setbacks from time to time. So, I wondered if Harry experienced some hard times too. Once I found out what that is, everything started to make sense.

In this episode:

You will hear about…

  • How Harry found his career in music – but not without opposition
  • Feeling guilty for having joy
  • What “dude” is
  • What Harry learned about Carter Beauford
  • Visualizing our target
  • Making difficult yet simple decisions
  • Karmic bills
  • A tragic part of Harry’s past

Why you should listen:

This interview unfolded in a way I had not yet experienced as a journalist. As Harry and I had our chat, it became apparent that both he and I share a lot of the same experiences in life. We also have a lot of painful experiences that we are both trying to find a way to process. You probably won’t hear this side of Harry anywhere else and it was truly a moment of real connection. Hearing it will likely bring up things in you that you have been ignoring or stuffing down.

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