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Every Drummer Does This

Jared Falk  /  UPDATED Aug 20, 2022

Your windshield wipers are squeaking perfectly in time.

Your blinker is ticking in 4/4 (or is it 5/8?) while you sit at the stop light.

You hear a sprinkler on a nearby lawn chick-chicking in a hypnotizing pattern and you can’t help but start tapping on the steering wheel.

Rhythm is everywhere, and pretty much every drummer can’t help but hear patterns where most normal people wouldn’t.

Anything can be a metronome or a backing track – and in this video, Jared Falk drums along to his sprinkler!

Jared Falk is a lifelong drummer, drum teacher, and the co-founder of Drumeo. For over 18 years, Jared has been a leader in the online music education industry, publishing his first online video lessons in 2003 and founding Musora in 2005.

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