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Dom Famularo: Surrender To Passion

Seamus Evely  /  UPDATED Aug 19, 2022

“We only own now.”

Dom Famularo is probably the happiest guy that you will ever meet. He maintains a high degree of optimism all of the time and is simply infectious. It’s no wonder why he’s known as “Drumming’s Global Ambassador”. He has traveled all over the world to present his masterclasses and clinics and was also the first western drum educator to perform clinics in China. Dom has been one of the most sought after drum teachers for over forty years and to this day maintains a student list of 2500 students. He has also authored two books, “It’s Your Move” and “The Cycle of Self-Empowerment”. The list of accolades and achievements are immense with Dom and he shows zero signs of slowing down.

Besides the educational side and the public speaking, Dom is an incredible drummer as well. His solos tend to have dramatic and dynamic peaks and valleys. Dom really sucks you in with his storytelling. I always hear a stealthy army approaching the enemy, quietly creeping in…and then a battle ensues! An absolute brutal assault from pounding double-bass drums thundering beneath the flurry of cymbal crashes and tom rolls. It is unmistakable.

Dom’s enthusiasm for life and music is the kind of genuine inspiration that is great for people. In many ways, he is my personal role model and I feel very fortunate to know him and to have had some incredible moments with him. This interview with him was very fulfilling and many times over I felt my body tingle with his positivity and energy. I hope that everyone feels that when they listen to this.

In this episode:

You will hear about…

  • How Dom became the speaker he is today despite having a stutter when he was a child
  • Why it is important to focus on how you deliver a message
  • Dom’s 3 Es
  • Whether Dom’s drum students show signs of improvement in other areas of their life due to drumming
  • Why people squash their passions
  • Why drumming is a great option for people
  • How Dom would help convince a drummer to stick with drumming
  • Whether Dom can tell true passion from temporary inspiration

Why should you listen?

Listening to this episode with Dom is like taking your vitamins. Despite its short length, there is so much jammed into it. It’s an incredibly full episode with nothing to waste. Dom’s message is one that could make a difference in a person’s life, and for that reason alone, it might be worth your time. You will learn about human compassion, communication skills, diving headfirst into your passion, and living a life that is purposefully yours.

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Photo: Ronn Dunnett

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