“My pain is my sound.”

Chris Coleman’s story will give a lot of hope to drummers out there who are trying their absolute best to become who they want to become. He is a fighter, a survivor, and has been put through hell to get where he is today. He has been considered, in the public’s eye, a fantastic drummer for many years. His Guitar Center Drum-Off win back in 2001 was such a huge affirmation to Chris that he was indeed on the right path. But it always wasn’t so clear.

In this interview you are going to hear about the pain and struggle that was necessary to get to where he is now. Chris has such a long and meandering path of little victories and big setbacks. At a certain point he tried to kill his passion for drumming that he had inside of him. It is incredible how he persevered and once he moved to LA things started to work in his favor and he was well on his way to his well earned destination.

When we watch Chris perform, we can sit back and enjoy the product. And really, we should. But to hear about where that sound was born adds a completely new layer of depth. This is why interviews can be important. His career was born out of something that was constantly working against him and eventually through sheer determination he managed to forge an elite tier status on the instrument. Simply incredible.

In this episode:

You will hear about…

  • How Chris arrived at a good place with the Drumeo Festival
  • His early years growing up with music in Church
  • Discovering the true you
  • Why you should focus on your sound instead of copying other drummers’ licks
  • Chris on haters
  • The importance of control over speed
  • Why he couldn’t be a pilot or Navy Seal
  • The road to LA
  • Instant gratification and investing in maybes

Why you should listen:

In these times during COVID-19, this interview may have more power to it. Regardless, in any situation for any person there is some pretty significant value here. Chris’ story is filled with darkness, and then at the end, parting clouds and some sunshine. But I just see life screaming at Chris, “STOP DOING THIS!” and he responded with a hard NO. I have so much respect for that. That takes some serious determination and willpower and it is great to hear it told in such raw detail from an elite drummer. It is an unbelievable chat with a timeless message.

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Photo: Ronn Dunnett


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