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Casey Cooper: Do What You Love

Seamus Evely  /  UPDATED Jun 28, 2023

“I want you to do it because you love it and because you want to create something cool and see what happens.”

Casey Cooper is a very well known YouTuber who has established his online presence by providing content that encourages beginner to intermediate drummers to have fun playing drums. He has created content for YouTube officially since 2011 and has since then become the largest YouTube drumming account in the world.

However, these claims of major success online through views and subscribers appeal very little to Casey. His major focus is communication between his audience and creating a strong positive message to drummers who need encouragement and reminding them that having fun needs to exist within drumming.

In this episode, we go over his humble beginnings, the purpose of his content, and the realities of being a YouTuber.

In this episode:

You will hear about…

  • Being a “bridge” for drummers
  • What Casey’s fans say to him in emails
  • The different points of where we are on our journey with drums
  • The financial realities of being a massive YouTube drummer
  • The best approach and reason to create content

Why you should listen:

Casey has a unique presence online. He keeps his drumming content approachable and doesn’t focus on displaying highly advanced drumming. Yet, he managed to create a large brand. This is rare and very difficult to pull off and so Casey gets backlash for that here and there. I think there is a fairly small but fierce sub-community of drummers that is very focused on the art of drumming. These drummers take this stuff very seriously and we all know that it is incredibly tough to break through the noise. And then there is Casey, who has a huge following and is perceived to be quite successful. And he very much is, but not in the way you might think.

No one needs to be barraged by wannabe pro drummers and I think this episode clearly informs listeners that Casey doesn’t make a ton of money, at all, from YouTube. He is providing entertainment and a kind and approachable spirit to engage younger drummers to stick with it and hopefully find themselves playing for years. Eventually, they may venture off into more “artsy” stuff and no longer watch Casey. It happens to him. That is why he considers himself a “bridge”.

Casey’s content, to the more experienced musician, still has value though. He reminds you of why you play. He somehow has a legit sense of “beginner’s joy” or “honeymoon phase” when he plays. What is special is how that hasn’t seemed to wear off. A lot of drummers probably lose that as they develop. It becomes something else or it simply evolves as we go through our seasons.

Casey’s content is about some fun gimmicks, inspiration, and overall positivity. He has something that is very good for the industry, so it makes sense to just appreciate what he’s doing. I can’t see him breaking down Tony Williams parts from Eric Dolphy’s “Out To Lunch” anytime soon but there is a person for that I am sure.

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