“When wishes turn into expectations, that’s a problem.”

Benny Greb is one of the most celebrated drummers over the last ten years. With his acclaimed educational content such as “The Art and Science of Groove” and “The Language of Drumming”, Benny has been opening up the minds of drummers in a unique way. He currently has another book that is due to launch in Q1 2020. Along with his educational content, Benny is well known for his original music with his Grebfruit albums and his fusion trio Moving Parts. Benny also holds clinics and camps worldwide to expand the knowledge and abilities of drummers. I would imagine it would be an amazing experience for anyone who attends. He has also been a guest at the Drumeo studio and you will find his free lesson at the bottom of these notes.

In this episode:

  • Why do we care how “good” we sound as musicians?
  • How do we quieten our minds before/during a performance?
  • When do we know when a practice regimen is fully baked?
  • How should musicians deal with self doubt?
  • How does the pressure to succeed affect a drummer?
  • Does social media transparency really matter?
  • Should we master 1-3 styles of music or only dip our toes in many styles?


Why should you listen?

Benny Greb is without question one of the most thoughtful and skilled drummers on the planet. In this interview, you will have your mind opened up to many of Benny’s tried and true practices for the points mentioned above. This is an incredibly valuable listening experience for all levels of musicians due to the concepts presented. You may find that the content goes far beyond the drum set and actually has a lot more to do with your life in general.



Music featured in this episode:
“Barking” – Benny Greb’s Moving Parts
“Stabila” – Benny Greb’s Moving Parts
“Bunker” – Benny Greb’s Moving Parts

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