“It’s not about the drums. It’s about the song.”

Ash Soan is a British drummer from Norfolk, England. Both he and his Windmill Studio have caught everyone’s attention. I know that Ash’s commanding and slippery groove caught mine. For those of you out there who grew up listening to anything with Bernard Purdie, Steve Gadd or Manu Katche’s fingerprints on it, chances are high that you will instantly love Ash’s sound.

In over twenty years of experience, Ash has recorded 56 top ten records. He was also, until recently, the drummer for the UK television show “The Voice” for a tenure of seven years. Some of the artists that he has worked with are Cher, Robbie Williams, Adele, Snow Patrol, Billy Idol, James Morrison, Trevor Horn, Rod Stewart, and Seal – and the list goes on and on.

His career is one where hard work and luck met at the right time and things took off from there. In this interview you will get to hear that story, his thoughts on modern drumming, second-hand weed, first take and…just listen to it already!

Ash endorses Gretsch Drums, Remo, Vic Firth, and Zildjian.

In this episode:

You will hear about…

  • Ash’s famous musician neighbor in London back in ’91 and how that changed the course of his career
  • How we as drummers are kinda sounding the same
  • Certain drummers we are both digging…JD Beck, Daru Jones, Chris Dave, Yussef Dayes
  • Ash’s take on ‘Dilla Beats’
  • Ash’s reading and why he left The Voice
  • How intense it is performing film scores
  • Comfort levels and the Windmill Studio

Why you should listen:

Ash is one of the most popular drummers on the planet right now and he hasn’t appeared on many podcasts. To get a little deeper, however, this interview has some controversy in it that is really interesting. Did I mention that this was recorded first thing in the morning in the LA sun on an eleventh storey hotel balcony too? That certainly didn’t hurt. Overall, we had a lot of laughs, it was laid back, and it was real. Are you listening to it yet?

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