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Aquiles Priester: Iron Will

Seamus Evely  /  UPDATED Aug 19, 2022

“When you know you’re well prepared and you have the passion, no one can stop you.”

Aquiles Priester is a national treasure to Brazil. Without question, he is one of the best and most well-known heavy metal drummers alive today. His career spans over thirty years and features drumming credits such as W.A.S.P., Tony McAlpine, Angra, and Hanger, and up until this COVID pandemic, he was gearing up to perform with DragonForce. Of course, his list of artists that he has worked with is much longer than what I listed here.

Aquiles’ career is an incredible story of perseverance and passion. It took him many years to reach the level of success that he enjoys today. He gave up on his dreams for music being his full-time career to work for Dana Incorporated and dedicated himself to that job. He actually made a good career for himself by working up the ranks. However, his passion for music took over, once again, and this time for good.

It took many years, but since 2000, Aquiles has found his success in the music industry. His story is one of how passion can guide us to our true selves and that anything is possible with enough patience and effort.

In this episode:

You will hear about…

  • Why Aquiles puts so much pressure on himself
  • Aquiles, the soccer player?
  • Tropical Band
  • Aquiles’ first drums
  • How Aquiles finally found success in the music industry
  • What practice looks like for Aquiles
  • How Aquiles feels about his son not taking up drums
  • What Eloy Casagrande taught Aquiles

Why you should listen:

Aquiles Priester’s story is very inspirational. It creates a wonderful backstory to what you witness now when he plays. I see someone who is doing what they are meant to do. That feeling of “finally, we’re back here again!” when you step behind the kit. Even if it was only an hour or two since you last played, you are so happy to be back. That is what I see when I see Aquiles play.

It is a tremendous takeaway to behold when you are hearing about how much work it takes to get to an elite level. It is well earned and we can all have our own version of that with enough passion and commitment to something.

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Photo: Ronn Dunnett

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