“I went so deep into the rabbit hole that I got lost.”

Andy Prado Jr. is an LA-based musician with some of the meanest chops around. He isn’t all chops, though. Andy possesses a mixture of explosive creativity, dynamics, groove, and abstract rhythmic phrases within a large range of musical styles. He has his own progressive instrumental trio called Coevality while also being hired for a variety of other acts such as Sabrina Claudio.

Andy is a true devotee to the art of drumming and music. He has played for nearly his entire life and has sacrificed a lot over the course of his career to become the musician he is today. He considers his checkpoints in his journey to have come a bit late but he never lost hope. In this podcast, we discuss the costs involved to get to where he is today.

In this episode:

You will hear about…

  • Adapting to the times as a musician and what Andy is specifically doing about that
  • Andy’s thoughts on sacrifice to the craft in order to obtain a balance with life
  • Why we need to enjoy the process
  • Setbacks throughout Andy’s path
  • Listener questions

Why you should listen:

There are many drummers out there who have an all or nothing approach to their craft. In Andy’s case, the obsession of drumming almost cost him his marriage. So, maybe we want to check this one out just to re-evaluate our priorities in life and make sure that everything that is important to us is being looked after and not neglected due to our obsessions.

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