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5 Hybrid Rudiments That Every Drummer Should Know

Juan Mendoza  /  May 5, 2020

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These hybrid patterns may not be on the list of 40 standard rudiments, but you should still add them to your repertoire! Juan Carlito Mendoza shares his favorites:

1. Herta

The herta alternates RLR L RLR L and sounds best when you accent the standalone lefts.

2. Blushda

The blushda starts with a left handed flam, followed by two 16th notes on the right, and topped off with an accented left.

3. Choo choo

When you get this one up to speed, it sounds like a train! All you have to do is play a paradiddle (RLRR) and put a flam on the third 16th note.

4. Flam grandpa

Arguably one of the best-named rudiments of all time, this is a 5 note pattern (RLRRL) that starts with a flam.

5. The stutter

It’s simple sticking, but sounds awesome when sped up. The pattern is RLR LRL with an accent on every left hand.

Are you digging these hybrid rudiments? Check out Juan’s full course on Drumeo!

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