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Gavin Harrison: Grooving in 3’s, 4’s, and 5’s

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Gavin Harrison is best known for his unique grooves that play around with time signatures, subdivisions, and different groupings. Today he’s here to teach one of his most Gavin-esque grooves we’ve ever heard! This beat has each of your limbs playing a different grouping.

The hi hat foot takes care of the group of 4 as it plays on ever quarter note. The kick drum plays every third sixteenth note in relation to your hi hat, and your ride cymbal will be playing an over-the-bar pattern that revolves around a grouping of 5. Add a snare drum on the back beat and we got a groove!

As with his Paradiddle Challenge, make sure you have each part down before adding in the next.

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Justin MacAlpine

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