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One Simple Exercise To Improve Your Fluidity On The Drums

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Fluidity on the drum set is absolutely crucial in order to reach quicker speeds and maintain proper, relaxed technique in the process. This includes choreographing some basic movements and utilizing our anatomy to serve us in the most natural way.

In today’s lesson, Bruce Becker will take the single paradiddle and demonstrate how to use it around the kit in an easy and efficient manner. Once you practice these motions and let them sink in, many new avenues will open up in your playing.

Let Bruce help you find the flow.

About Drum Technique Made Easy

Drum Technique Made Easy is an intimate online course where you’ll follow Bruce Becker’s proven process for improving your drum technique, developing more speed and control around the kit, and rapidly improving your drumming just like when you first started playing. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced drummer… You will get tips for each skill level and insights that will have a positive impact on your playing.

This course started on January 22nd and lasts for 26-weeks. Each week, you will get one new lesson with very specific instructions on exactly what to practice, how long to practice for, and when to mark it as complete.

We’ve found a common problem a lot of our students have is knowing exactly what to practice when there’s so much information out there. This has delayed their progress and caused them to develop bad habits. Having a structured, step-by-step course to follow will eliminate this problem and help keep you on track.

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