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Trash-can endings are one of those aspects of drumming that many drummers have a hard time grasping and pulling off. If you’re one of those drummers, this lesson is right up your alley. Harry Miree will teach you the main movements behind trash can endings (step-by-step) and the key ingredients you need to end your songs with a bang!

We also filmed a lesson with Harry that focuses on “backbeat” drum fills. Not sure what those are? Watch the video here.

About Harry:
Harry Miree is a graduate of Berklee College of Music who has made a name for himself due to his awesome YouTube videos, unique and unorthodox kit set-up, and for his studio and live performances for various artists, including LOCASH, Clare Bowen, Levi Hummon, Morgan Frazier, Joey Hyde, Josh Dorr, and Boom City. With a very fun and passionate approach to music, Harry is bound to inspire you to keep practicing and focusing on the main reason we all started playing drums for: having fun!

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