“I was meant to do it.”

Tony Royster Jr. is a household name in the industry and has been famously recognized by drummers all over the world since his drum solo that he performed at the age of twelve during the Modern Drummer Festival. He has since been mostly a touring musician with some of the biggest musical entertainers in the world, including Jay-Z and Katy Perry.

Times are changing though, and with musicians essentially being pulled from touring, Tony has begun pivoting in his career. Private lessons, YouTube, and so on have been on his mind as things continue to change.

In this episode:

You will hear about…

  • Tony’s decisions lately regarding his career.
  • Whether he believes in natural talent and his experiences in the early years of his life with music.
  • What it is like for him teaching when considering his innate abilities.
  • Tony’s thoughts on the generation he was born into.
  • Bowling.
  • What that Modern Drummer Festival solo meant to him.
  • A nerve-racking experience on Dave Letterman.
  • How social media affects our ability to socialize.

Why you should listen:

It’s really interesting to hear Tony’s perspective in this interview. The pandemic situation has forced him to look at different ways of maintaining a career. For a drummer who has been blowing minds with his abilities all of these years, it is kind of unreal to hear him speak on how to keep it going.

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