Taylor Gordon: The Pocket Queen Story

Seamus Evely  /  Drumeo Gab #206 / May 17

“I’m not gonna get a scholarship, but I’m gonna go in there and I’m gonna try!”

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Taylor Gordon, AKA The Pocket Queen, is a drummer and producer originally from New Orleans who has been through some big ups and some big downs. We are mostly all aware that in order to succeed, you must also fail. Taylor embodies this statement very well. 

You will hear about her story from the time that she was accepted with a Presidential scholarship to Berklee, her mishap with a harddrive, her spontaneous encounter with someone important in a fast food restaurant, and how she took it upon herself to begin creating her own music. You can listen to it all right here.

This is a nice reminder that we will all experience ebbs and flows within our lives and they become more drastic in either direction when we take more risks. 

In this episode:

You will hear about…

  • How Taylor got into Berklee
  • How her mom said no to Berklee, but also wanted Taylor to push back and challenge her
  • How Taylor’s family’s success influenced her own
  • A publishing deal that she got
  • The upsets along the way and what she did about them
  • Why Taylor decided to begin making her own music

Why you should listen:

A lot can be learned from a good story. Taylor’s outlines what can go right but also what can go wrong. I think there are many people who truly fear taking matters into their own hands and being true individuals, whether the fear is born from our sets of beliefs within ourselves, from unknown territory, or from what will happen to us along the way.

It can be intimidating to branch out from what feels safe, but many people still likely want to feel the rewards of taking action and pursuing dreams. This episode can provide some reassurance that living our lives the way we want to is more than worth it.

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