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If you want to improve your right hand independence and boost creativity on the kit, Camille Bigeault is here with 14 right hand variations in 4/4 for you to try. Choose your favorite grooves to practice, or go through all of them one after another. Pssst…we really like variation #14.

If these are new to you, start at 80 BPM before increasing the tempo to 110.

Download the complete PDF right here.


Camille plays:
Tama Drums
Meinl Cymbals
Remo Drumheads
Vic Firth Drumsticks

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About Camille:
Camille Bigeault is a drummer from Toulouse, France who’s best known for her creative exploration on the drums and polyrhythmic-based drumming clips that she posts across her social media channels. She studied drums at a conservatory and went on to earn a jazz musicology degree. Camille has played with a wide array of musical projects, such as Xxelles (a jazz-fusion band), La theorie des cordes (a progressive jazz-rock band), and Genesya (a Genesis tribute band). She also played 86 gigs at The Palace in Paris with the french rock-opera group Le rouge et le noir.


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