The Only 3 Rudiments You Need To Know

Rob Brown  /  Quick Tips  /  Sep 3, 2021

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Struggling with your hand technique? Lost in a sea of exercises? It’s time to take it back to the basics.

Rudiments are the building blocks of everything drums, and in this video Rob “Beatdown” Brown shows you the three that make up virtually all drumming vocabulary – the single stroke roll, the double stroke roll, and the single paradiddle – and how you can start practicing them.

But what about flams? Or dragadiddles? Or even the Shirley Murphy?

Don’t worry – the other rudiments are valid and have their own applications, and there are many reasons to work your way through all 40 rudiments. But there are only three that you absolutely need to know:

Single stroke roll

There are two techniques you want to develop: fingers and wrists. Don’t just alternate left, right, left, right for ten minutes. Put intent and purpose behind it. Switch between strokes controlled by the fingers (French grip, where palms face each other) and strokes controlled by the wrist (German grip, or palms facing down).

Double stroke roll

Like the single stroke roll, practice double strokes using fingers and then wrists separately. Get used to switching between grips and techniques. Be honest with yourself and start slowly so you can get them super clean.

Single paradiddle

A single paradiddle combines single strokes and double strokes. Keep your hands loose and your arms relaxed as you practice fluid and smooth motions. This will make it easier when you start moving patterns around the kit.

With these three rudiments under your belt, you’ll be able to accomplish virtually anything on the drums.

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