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Mike Dolbear: Teaching & Broadcasting In 2020

Seamus Evely  /  UPDATED Mar 6, 2023

“Everybody should be given the opportunity to enjoy the drums and play music.”

Mike Dolbear has been serving the drumming community and industry through for over twenty years now. What started off as a website to promote the launch of his book “Rhythm & Fills” quickly became more than that. He became a host, interviewer, event organizer, and journalist all while maintaining his career in drum instruction.

In 2020, Mike has risen to the challenges our industry faces during these restrictive times by using his platform to bring even more awareness to drummers by interviewing nearly one hundred (at the time of this release) interviews through Instagram. These interviews have primarily been with artists, company reps, and shop owners. To see another individual in our industry take it upon himself to contribute something of value is always appreciated and I felt like now was a great time to catch up with Mike and see how this year has been for him.

In this episode:

You will hear about…

  • Mike’s early years leading up to and including the creation of
  • Why when you fall you must get back up again and to portray confidence you don’t really have
  • Creating your own luck
  • Mike’s take on teaching and students
  • Social media and mental health
  • An incredible story regarding a past student of Mike’s
  • Danny Boyle and why he is so humble
  • What it is like broadcasting in 2020 for Mike
  • Some thoughts about anxiety

Why you should listen:

The story about the kid with cancer – who Mike coached to play drums at a major sporting event – is worth the listen alone. That story is incredibly inspirational and heartwarming. In general, Mike sticks up for the little guy. That is kind of his thing. Everything he does for drumming is certainly appreciated.

The other reason to listen is that Mike Dolbear is rarely a guest on podcasts. I suppose I am lucky in that sense that we have some mutual friends and he trusted me enough to host him. In any case, to hear his thoughts about luck, confidence, anxiety, teaching, and broadcasting media is very interesting and it is coming from a very good source.

Photo: F. Desmaele

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