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Learning The Drums Through Music

Kaz Rodriguez  /  UPDATED May 3, 2023

There are various ways to learn how to play the drums, each with its advantages and disadvantages. However, when it comes to practicing, as long as you’re working toward improving your skills and not injuring yourself, that’s what matters most.

In this lesson, Kaz Rodriguez will teach you about his favorite way to learn drums: by playing along to music.

Lesson Index:
0:15 – SONG: “Ragga” by Kaz Rodriguez
3:31 – Introduction
8:16 – Breaking down “Ragga”
22:27 – SONG: “Stutter” by Kaz Rodriguez
28:00 – Breaking down “Stutter”
36:21 – SONG: “Clocks” by Kaz Rodriguez
43:02 – Breaking down “Clocks”
53:49 – Where can beginners start?
56:36 – SONG: “On The Train” by Kaz Rodriguez

Kaz Plays:
Tama Drums
Zildjian Cymbals
Remo Drumheads
Vic Firth Drumsticks

Kaz Rodriguez brings more than an international touring resume with Grammy nominee Josh Groban. He produces some of the most in-demand play-along tracks in the drumming world, with Anika Nilles, Chris Coleman, Aaron Spears and many more relying on his productions to showcase their skills.

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