This groovy drum solo by Joseph Mintz is a creative call-and-response piece of music that’s performed between a foot ostinato and various patterns with the hands. The amount of creativity Joseph shows in his playing, especially at such a young age, makes us excited to see how his drumming is going to evolve in the future and how he’ll grow as a musician.

We have a 30-minute course inside of Drumeo Edge where Joseph will help you expand your jazz vocabulary by teaching you five patterns taken from the playing of Max Roach, Vinnie Colaiuta, Billy Higgins, Elvin Jones, and Philly Jones.

About Joseph:
Joseph Mintz is an up-and-coming Californian drummer who has been making a name for himself through online platforms like YouTube and Instagram. Building a following through a constant stream of posts showcasing his diverse skills on the kit, Joseph has established himself as a drummer everyone should keep an eye out for, and especially in the world of jazz and fusion music. This has ultimately lead him to cross paths with some of the biggest drum companies in the industry, like Vic Firth drumsticks, Zildjian cymbals, Remo drumheads, and Dunnet classic drums.

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