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José Medeles is the owner of Portland, Oregon’s well known vintage drum shop, Revival Drum Shop. He is also the author of The Stoic Drummer. Oh, and that’s not all…José is also one of the members of 1939 Ensemble.

Of those three topics that I could explore with José, I chose the second one. In fact, it was because of The Stoic Drummer that I caught a glimpse of what José might be like to have as a guest on the show. We use this book as our reference point to this wandering conversation that dips heavily into topics concerning who we are. Why do we play drums? What are our thoughts? What is fear? How do we nourish ourselves with self love?

These are all questions that I wanted to thoroughly examine with José, and we did. May this episode refresh your perspective, open your mind and heart, and make you smile and feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for having the gift of drumming.


Music featured in this episode:

José Medeles – “Reception”
José Medeles – “The Art of Slowness”


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