5 Ways To Inspire
Kids To Play Music

Carson Gant  /  Quick Tips / Oct 8

How do you encourage a kid’s interest in music? Pressuring someone to take lessons doesn’t spark the passion; they need to discover it for themselves. While you can’t ‘force’ someone to like music, you can expose them to it so they can decide if it’s for them.

As a parent, how can you support your kids in their musical adventures?

1. Show them the magic of concerts

By watching a concert, kids can make the connection that drums are able to get people moving! If you’re able to bring them to free shows in public spaces, treat them to concerts with your favorite bands, or stream a live show, you’ll show them how amazing it is when musicians and the crowd interact.

2. Play music at home

Whether they’re preschoolers or babies, introduce your kids to music from all over the world. There’s an amazing app called radiooooo which lets you select any country and a decade of music from that country to explore.

If you’re a musician, jam with your kids! It’s super rewarding. Many of the world’s most respected musicians grew up playing music with the family.

3. Take them to your local music store

Show them the local music store and all the different drums and cymbals. If the employees are okay with it, let your kids tap on things with sticks. Being surrounded by drums can be a magical experience!

4. Make it a game

Many people (including Drumeo Edge members) started drumming because of the rubber drums that come with Guitar Hero or Rock Band. Whether it’s one of these or a virtual reality option like Beat Saber, games can inspire kids to pick up an instrument and try it for themselves.

5. The Rhythmic Adventures of Captain Carson

Led by Carson Gant, The Rhythmic Adventures of Captain Carson is a new Drumeo show created to inspire kids with music, rhythm, and the drums.

In this interactive and colorful show, kids are exposed to different types of music (including reggae, R&B, world, blues, hiphop, salsa, rock, disco, and country). They’ll stomp and clap to test their coordination, and sing rhythms using ‘boots’, ‘chicks’, and ‘cats’. Find the DrumeoKids app on the app store or on Drumeo Edge.

You can’t be interested in something when you haven’t been exposed to it. These are all positive ways to introduce your kids to music and maybe even inspire an interest in the drums. Give it a shot!

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