“If you want something, you can make it. You don’t have to wait to have someone else do it for you.”

Heather Thomas is a straight-up badass. She is a great drummer, singer, educator and most importantly, person. We met up at NAMM to shoot an interview and where this one went was incredible. She has been performing and teaching out of Seattle for many years but for 2020 she has decided to take on a big adventure. She plans to visit a major music city each month until she returns to Seattle in December.

Heather has big dreams. She told me off-air that her dream is to play drums on the moon and to be the first to do it. Her personality is simply wonderful. She is a fearless woman in pursuit of a life filled with adventure, experiences and growth.

In this episode:

You will hear about…

  • Why Heather decided to sell all her stuff and begin her 2020 with a year long adventure to evolve
  • How she created her own version of Patreon for herself
  • Heather’s incredible insight as to what holds people back from pursuing the best life possible
  • Our thoughts on the void inside of us and how filling the void with “stuff” just doesn’t fix that
  • How Heather uses fear as a signal to move towards her personal growth
  • Having realistic expectations when you first begin learning something new
  • The impact negative inner commentary has on your growth

Why you should listen:

We all have moments in our lives where we become fearful and uncertain of how to proceed. In these situations, we can have a strong pull toward the easiest solution or one that has the least resistance. But what is the best decision to make? A lot of the time, I feel that the harder decision is the best one to make.

With so many conversations with friends, acquaintances and of course the many artists I have interviewed, I get the sense that those who push the hardest for growth yield a better life. It saddens me to think that people aren’t believing in themselves enough. Or that people are cluttering their lives with a mess of stuff that conceals their fullest life. We can all benefit from looking deep within ourselves to find the thing that excites us to work hard and desire something truly fulfilling.

In this episode, we take a deep dive into this subject matter. It comes across in a confident and empowering way that has clarity. It sounds so simple but it isn’t. The concept in and of itself isn’t complicated but taking the time to explore the unknown, face our fears, and realize that we all should be accepting of great things for ourselves is a lifetime of work. We should all consider putting our negative commentary in time out and search for our best life.

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