“Find the benefits it has, draw it out and use it to your ability. It doesn’t have to be a roadblock it can actually be a leg up.”

Gregory Storey has a very compelling story. He has been featured on many BBC documentaries regarding his life with Tourette Syndrome. In these documentaries you will see just how severe his tics were during his childhood and into adulthood. Interestingly enough, drumming seems to be his relief from this awful neurodevelopmental disorder.

Once he began playing the drums the tics went away. He experienced such an overwhelming feeling from this relief that it brought him to tears. An entire childhood of having no control over his Tourette’s, and now suddenly the big red guy with a megaphone has been silenced.

Gregory is now a full-time streamer on the platform Twitch. He has hosted a handful of streams where he performs on the drums for over 10 hours to raise money for Tourette’s-related charities. For a person to overcome so much in his life and continue to shine positivity, it certainly makes Gregory a great role model for other kids and adults who suffer from Tourette’s and other disorders.

In this episode:

You will hear about…

  • Gregory’s now dissolved tech company Aspartech
  • How Gregory became a streamer on Twitch
  • Gregory’s past with Tourette Syndrome and how drums helped him overcome that
  • The language he invented, “seldom”
  • What tolerance means to Gregory
  • Some details regarding his Roland drums and a story about his hero Craig Blundell

Why you should listen:

I think in order to understand how amazing it is that Gregory was able to perform this interview the way he did, you need to watch some of the documentaries he has been featured on. Check this one, for example.

He coughed maybe six times in this interview, which is hard to determine whether it was simply a cough or a tic. He explains in this interview how he manages to maintain as much control as possible. He was, in fact, using a technique during the interview to not tic. What he was doing is astounding to say the least.

I think that this episode really educates people about Tourette Syndrome. For years, I thought it was just people who shouted profanity and had physical tics. As it turns out, I knew nothing about it. Only 10% of people who have Tourette Syndrome shout profanity though. Gregory is part of that 10%.

You will also understand the willpower that Gregory has. For a person who has been through so much torment in his life, he has managed to achieve considerable success for himself. Gregory is a tremendous example of perseverance who we can all learn from.

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Photo: Fiona Wood


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