“It’s endless how many different opportunities we can provide and create for ourselves.”

Greg Hersey is the Director of Instrumental Music at Episcopal School of Jacksonville and received his masters degree at the University of North Florida. He is a very well studied musician and has a passion for education as he is now currently in his fourth year as band director.

He uses Instagram to showcase his talents and creativity with many of his videos reaching well into the tens of thousands of views. In particular, his trap set videos indicate his high level of musical knowledge and creative rhythmic applications.

I wanted Greg on the show because he works in the school system, and with all of the changes that teachers have been facing, I thought it would be interesting to hear his perspective on how he and his colleagues have adapted to this new way of doing things. We also get an in-depth look as to how his love for drumming took shape and about a few people in his life who pushed him to become who he is today.

In this episode:

You will hear about…

  • What it’s like teaching in the school system today
  • His first real drum lesson with Benjamin Wiseman and the impact that had
  • Greg’s observations on support from home regarding music
  • Intrinsic values vs. extrinsic values
  • Charlotte Mavery and the positive influence she had on Greg

Why you should listen:

It is really interesting to hear about how things have changed in the education system and what faculty have to do now in order to satisfy the situation we are currently in. Also, for people who may feel like they have a deep connection with something, it is great to hear a success story that involves a career path that is not always associated with the word “stable”. Greg managed to find a career that he strongly connects with and he finds a lot of pleasure in what he does professionally day to day.

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