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Unconventional Sound Sources On The Drums

Sarah Thawer  /  UPDATED Aug 22, 2022

Today’s video focuses on two main concepts: conventional sound sources and unconventional sound sources.

Conventional sound sources are the tools (and the way you hit those tools) you’ve already been using up to this point. The snare drum, kick drum, toms, and your cymbals. These take up the majority of what you’ll be using to create sounds, but we also have…

Unconventional sound sources. These are sounds that aren’t so obvious at first glance. This could include the rims on your drums, cymbal stands, the way you hit your drums and cymbals, and even changing up what you use to hit these sources.

So the next time you’re playing on a kit that might not have all the tools you’re used to playing with, keep these concepts in mind and start exploring your options! What are some of your favorite unconventional sound sources?

Sarah Thawer is a versatile session drummer & recording artist who has toured the world supplying dozens of artists with her rock solid backbeat and diverse stylistic flavors. She doesn’t just play multiple styles of music. She immerses herself in the feel and culture, allowing her to perform anything from hip-hop to Bollywood with expert authenticity. Sarah has an infectious energy for all things percussion that’s guaranteed to get you pumped to get behind the kit.

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