Play This Song If You’re In A Funk (Emmanuelle Caplette)

Emmanuelle Caplette  /  Performances  /  Aug 21, 2021

One of the reasons we love drumming so much is because of how freakin’ fun it is – and Emmanuelle Caplette’s cover of “Uptown Funk” is the perfect example of how drummers can get in the zone and tune out all the negativity around us.

She was giving a clinic at a high school when the pandemic shut down the world. She lost all of her gigs, her clinic tours, her festival appearances, and her TV show opportunities. Every gigging drummer was in the same boat, and it was enough to make many musicians reconsider their career choice.

Growing up, Emmanuelle’s father taught her that it’s important to live in the moment. Take things day by day and don’t think about the future, because you never know if you’ll still be around.

He used to tell her three things:

  • You’re lucky to breathe
  • You have access to food and water
  • You have a safe place to stay

Enjoy and appreciate what you have right now, in the present. It may be tough to focus on the positive when you’re feeling down, but if you have access to a drum kit, sit down, play through your favorite songs, and lose yourself in the music – even if it’s just for right now.

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