“I feel like this industry is always in upheaval and so you always have to be light on your feet.”

Dylan Wissing has a very unique situation brewing in his studio in the small city of Hoboken, New Jersey. He runs a multimedia based service called “Getting The Sound” which he’s built from his immense knowledge and experience in recording drums, but also recreating drum breaks for current artists, mainly in the rap/pop genre. While this embodies a small amount of hired work from his entire career, it is still incredibly noteworthy.

There are laws in music that prevent artists from sampling pre-recorded music or drum parts and Dylan is capable of recreating these parts in the way they originally sounded, making them virtually identical to the original. From what I understand, this is an absolutely painstaking affair and costs the artists a lot of money, and therefore it doesn’t happen often. However, this expertise has given Dylan quite an edge for providing the right sound for the song.

Dylan is primarily a session musician who works out of his studio providing artists with drum tracks every single week. He is no stranger to the industry and has experienced the ups and downs of being a professional musician. In this episode we are all reminded of what being a musician is really about.

In this episode:

You will hear about…

  • Balancing family life with music and how COVID-19 changed things overnight
  • How Dylan has adapted in the industry over the years
  • Dylan’s thoughts on people who consider drummers as “unskilled laborers”
  • If drummers should be generalists or specialists
  • What drummers should focus on
  • Dylan’s preference for analog vs. digital sample production
  • How Dylan managed to work with artists like Kanye, Jay Z, etc.
  • Some basic drum recording ideas

Why you should listen:

I think that this episode showcases a very real situation. Dylan is an incredible drummer. He owns an immense collection of drums. He has a dedicated studio. He has a very nice resume. Yet, you can hear the struggles of being a working drummer in this conversation. The ups and downs. The situation with COVID-19. The constant uncertainty of whether work will continue to come in. How he balances his life with music. It is all here and nothing is sugar coated.

All in all, this episode takes the glamour out of what being a musician is about and simply focuses on the reality. It takes a lot of guts, determination, passion and sacrifice and this episode nails that message.

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