How To Drum With A Percussionist

Gabor Dornyei  /  Featured Lessons / Feb 27

This is Gábor Dörnyei’s second visit to the Drumeo studios! But this time he’s brought his percussionist partner in crime with him: Kornél Horváth. Together they make up the drums and percussion group “tHUNder Duo”. Playing drums with a percussionist requires a very different approach to picking your vocabulary. Allowing both musicians to express themselves without stepping over each other is absolutely crucial.

On top of developing your speed and technical abilities on the drums, Gábor is a huge proponent of developing musicality. He believes the whole idea of playing music is being able to share the joy, enthusiasm, and passion that comes out of playing an instrument – and we definitely agree.

We have FIVE signed pairs of Gábor Dornyei’s signature Vic Firth sticks and we’re giving them away to one lucky winner! To enter, simply leave a comment telling us what your favorite part of the lesson was. We’ll pick a winner at random!

Lesson Index:
0:07 – Performance: Hang Samba
6:30 – Introduction
9:52 – Lesson Overview
11:23 – Controlling Your Volume
13:58 – Dynamics Demonstration
21:33 – 5/16 Polyrhythm Jam
22:30 – Breakdown
28:57 – Double Strokes With No Sticks
42:30 – Performance: Transylvania Express
59:10 – Performance: TakTom

About Gábor:
Gábor Dörnyei is a talented musician who is currently a faculty member at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP) in London and the drummer for the group Thunder Duo. Gábor’s wide range of talent has scored him sharing the stage with top players such as Jojo Mayer, Billy Cobham, Gavin Harrison, Ian Paice, Steve Smith, Chris Coleman, and was even hand-picked to tour the world with the sensational LONDON PRODUCTION Michael Jackson – Thriller.

About Kornél:
One of the world’s great percussionists, Kornél Horváth is also one of its most original. Starting as a flutist, he then moved to percussion, teaching himself a unique approach rooted in the rhythmic traditions of his Hungarian homeland and Eastern Europe coupled with jazz, Indian, Arab, African and Latin influences. By fusing these various elements he developed the highly individual approach and unique sound that have made Kornél the first-call choice for so many major sessions and tours.

Voted #1 Percussionist in the World by the readers of UK RHYTHM Magazine, together with Gabor in tHUNder Duo – they are rhythm section for 4 times Grammy Award Nominated American Jazz Guitarist/Multi Instrumentalist phenomenon Stanley Jordan.

Gábor Plays:
Pearl Drums
Zildjian Cymbals
Remo Drumheads
Vic Firth Sticks

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