The Best Practice Pad Warm Up

Pat Petrillo  /  Videos / Feb 15

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Warming up before a practice session is one of the most important things you can do. Starting your practice relaxed and loose is key to performing your best and even preventing injuries.

This practice pad warm up covers all aspects of your playing which is why it’s so effective. One-hand strokes, double-hand strokes, rebound strokes, and different “diddle” combinations so get your hands used to moving in every which way before you dive into the meat of your practice.

The routine starts with one-handed 8th notes, then transitions into alternating 16th notes, then to double 16th note rolls, and finally paradiddles to round it all out. The key to a great warm up session is repetition, fast tempos, and playing the routine for a long period of time. Keep going until you feel that burn! Download the sheet music and take it behind your kit.

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