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Drum Intros For Beginners

Dave Atkinson  /  Aug 31, 2017

This lesson isn’t just about giving you ideas on what to play when starting a song, but also how to better interact with your band or jam group and be the leader. A band needs a drummer who’s confident and can direct the pace and feel of the music.

The following drum intros are a handful of “go-to” patterns you should have in your toolbox. Each pattern starts off with you hitting your sticks together twice to start counting in. If you’re not sure how to read sheet music, watch the video above to hear what each of these sound like (or check out the ‘how to read music’ section of this guide for new drummers).

Intro #1

This intro simply consists of a kick drum followed by a flam on the snare drum (starting on the “and” of count 3).

Intro #2

This one starts right on the count of three. Keep in mind that these are not flams. You want to play the two notes together at the exact same time.

Intro #3

The most subtle intro on this list. This pattern will generally be used in fast paced songs. Just play two snare hits staring on the “and” of count four.

Intro #4

The classic “pat-boon-debby-boon” drum intro.

Intro #5

This intro is great for fast songs all the way to ballads. Try changing the last floor tom note to a kick drum for some extra boom!

Intro #6

Here is our first triplet-based drum intro – and it’s a variation of the previously pattern we just learned!

Intro #7

The classic build. The expanding lines simply mean you raise the volume of your playing as you go through the pattern. Again, no flams here! Play the floor tom and snare at the exact same time.

Intro #8

The triplet variation of the previous intro.

Intro #9

This intro is pushing into an intermediate level, but give it a try anyways! The biggest challenge is playing the two 16th notes of the bass drum starting on the “and” of count three.

Intro #10

Also known at the “bucket of fish” drum fill or a single stroke four.

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