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Dorothea Taylor: Is Technology Hurting Drumming?

Seamus Evely  /  UPDATED Aug 19, 2022

“Out of 12 to 14 students each year, I don’t know if there was one real committed drummer.”

Dorothea Taylor has been drumming for 55 years. That is longer than most of you reading this have been alive. She got her start in a local drum and bugle corps in the small northern Michigan town she grew up in. Her stories of practicing with her friends from the corps out in fields is somewhat cinematic and romantic. She has very positive associations with drumming in her life.

Since her time in the corps, Dorothea became a drum instructor and has performed as well. She has a deep knowledge of rudiments and patterns and showcases tremendous technical skills. The first time I watched Dorothea on Instagram I was honestly surprised, and then a couple seconds later once that wore off, I was quite impressed with what I was seeing. Apparently Drumeo was as well because she recorded some lessons at the studio very recently. You can watch her play-along video to Disturbed’s “Down With The Sickness” which had gained over 1 million views in two days!

Dorothea Taylor has a great deal of experience in education and her own personal time with learning all she can about drumming. Her insights toward the future of drumming and how challenging it is becoming to gain the attention of young students is a spot of trouble for Dorothea. We took a deep dive into that…

In this episode:

You’ll hear about…

  • Dorothea’s early years in the drum and bugle corps
  • Whether Dorothea ever experienced any social issues at that time for being a female drummer
  • Her deep concerns towards screens and distractions with developing youths
  • What were kids like to teach twenty years ago compared to today
  • An old story about Tony Royster Jr.
  • Dorothea’s visit at Drumeo and the egg challenge

Why you should listen:

Most people who listen to this podcast know that I am very passionate about the prospect of raising a healthy minded child. I think and read a lot about child psychology and what is and isn’t healthy for kids’ development. Screens and technology is a concern for so many people but at the same time we can’t get enough of them.

I think screen time isn’t all bad. It just needs to be monitored and taken in small doses very few times per day. Dorothea might agree with that too. Distractions make it difficult to fully commit and immerse yourself into an activity. Kids are more impressionable than adults and we as adults need to assume a responsible role with screen time.

How this comes back around to drumming is this. Too many distractions and not enough balanced structure is going to hurt the future of young up and coming drummers, I think. In this conversation both through opinion and experience, we discuss how technology may be preventing a fuller experience for young drummers or kids who are just beginning. I guess we can just say everybody, can’t we? I think the stuff we bring up will cause many listeners to think about the fusion of technology and drumming and how to leverage the strengths and manage with the negatives.

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