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“How do I develop speed?” is probably the #1 question drummers ask, and even more so to Derek Roddy as an extreme metal player. The most common answer is to simply start slow and work your way up, but Derek brings forth some great insights on other efficient ways to hit those top speeds.

Lesson Index:
0:05 – Song #1 (Name TBA)
5:43 – “The Marzear Labyrinth” by Serpeant’s Rise
9:43 – Introduction
11:55 – The Truth About Developing Speed
53:47 – “Deformation by Incision” by Nader Sadek
57:32 – Q & A!
1:05:04 – “Everything And Nothing” by Menace

Derek Plays:
DW Drums
Meinl Cymbals
Remo Drumheads
Vater Drumsticks

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