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Daru Jones: It Comes From Above

Seamus Evely  /  UPDATED Aug 19, 2022

“To me when you blackout, you zone out. That’s when you come into your own and then people can feel that.”

Daru Jones is a genre-bending drummer based out of Nashville who has worked with a large variety of artists over the course of his career. Whether it is rock music with Jack White or hip hop with Black Milk, Nas, or Pete Rock, Daru has proven over and over again how effective he is. Besides the drumming, he is also the owner of the boutique label RUSIC Records and a producer as well.

Daru has deliberately branded himself as a drummer who brings a certain specialty to the table. His touch and style are instantly recognizable to the ear and his drum setup is unmistakable to the eyes. His approach to the industry has worked out well if you look up his credentials.

In this episode:

You will hear about…

  • How Daru is doing during the pandemic
  • Daru’s experiences playing virtual concerts
  • Knowing your worth and when to assert yourself with confidence
  • Building an identifiable brand for yourself
  • The lasting impact of playing in church
  • The spirit of playing
  • A studio secret from Daru
  • The new record “One Mic and Drum” from Bobby J From Rockaway and Daru Jones
  • Recovering from embarrassing situations
  • Listener questions

Why you should listen:

This chat with Daru is balanced. It includes some deep knowledge and advice through actual experience of knowing your worth and the hustle side of the music industry, recovering from embarrassment, building a brand through your specialty, and some studio secrets. But then we also get the more spiritual side of Daru too which is wonderful to hear about.

I feel you will walk away from this one looking deeper inside yourself to better understand your voice and worth, and further appreciate creativity, possibly even looking at it in a way that you hadn’t before.

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