Creating Your Own Identity On The Drums with Daru Jones

Daru Jones  /  Featured Lessons / Jan 31

Who better to discuss finding your own identity on the drums than Daru Jones?

Known for his truly individual style – both musically and in terms of his setup – Daru has found success across multiple genres by paving his own, inimitable lane in the competitive super-highway of session drumming.

It’s easy to get caught up worshipping our drum heroes and neglect finding our own voice on the instrument. Daru discusses his journey to overcome this very thing, along with the evolution of his uncommon setup, and the influences behind his personal style of playing – accurately described as “Soul-Hop”.

Lesson Index:
0:23 – SONG: “Funk You Out”
1:21 – Introduction
4:47 – Daru’s influences and early years
11:02 – Shoutout to Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson
13:29 – Developing Daru’s unique set up
14:23 – Thoughts on the evolution of “gospel chops”
15:56 – How his setup affects his playing
16:44 – Pattern from “Lazaretto”
18:07 – Working with Jack White
21:26 – SONG: “Breakfast @ Denny’s” by Buckshot LeFonque
27:57 – Daru’s thought process while playing
31:33 – The importance of finding your identity
34:04 – Practice vs playing
39:28 – SONG: “My Soul Doth Magnify” by O’landa Draper & The Associates

About Daru:
Daru Jones is a highly in-demand session drummer, live performer, and producer based out of Brooklyn and Nashville. He has worked with hundreds of artists including Jack White, J Dilla, Talib Kweli and many more. Already an established session musician, Daru rose to musical mainstream popularity for his work with Jack White on the Grammy-winning album Lazaretto (2014).

Daru plays:
PDP Drums
Paiste Cymbals
Ahead Drumsticks
Solomon Microphones
Remo Drumheads
LP Percussion

Follow Daru:

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