“A lot of drumming fans are just that.”

Chris Paprota is a multi-instrumentalist who experiments with making his own recordings, such as his latest project “Riff Tapes” which is due for release on October 1st of this year. He is also the drummer for the Philly based prog-fusion band “Gnarbot”. Click this link to check out a sample of their work from a performance at Meinl, which was released as a four-song EP titled “Meinl Sessions, Vol 1” (it’s also available as a vinyl release).

Chris was scheduled to perform this year at the Meinl Festival in Germany, but due to COVID it has been canceled. Chris is hopeful that due to the fact that he was invited this year that he will be performing next year, assuming the festival happens. Chris is a drummer whom I feel falls far below people’s radar and I have been asking myself why that is and what makes a drummer rise to fame.

It is interesting to hear how he aligns with his own creativity and how people assume the worth of somebody based on their associations and achievements. This is just one aspect of this conversation.

In this episode:

You will hear about…

  • Improvisation and risk taking
  • Why we think some drummers are underrated
  • Social media and whether it hurts an artist
  • The difficulty in converting your drumming audience into a fan of your music
  • Obsession
  • The Meinl festival cancellation and how that affected Chris
  • Chris’ time studying with Dom Famularo
  • Riding the ebbs and flow of motivation
  • The spark within us

Why you should listen:

This is really relatable to anyone who is working hard on their craft and has experienced a slow burn – maybe not being noticed or feeling like you have had some missed opportunities. These events and experiences can be a hard thing to deal with but Chris’ point of view is hopeful.

It is encouraging to hear such a great musician whose tone of voice indicates that he believes in himself and that working hard at his drumming and making moves in the world will bring what he is looking for.

The song in the intro of today’s podcast is a sample of Chris Paprota’s “Megazord” from his Riff Tapes record.

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