Carter McLean has been rising steadily in popularity since I first became familiar with Instagram. He has a great eye for gear, be it audiophile equipment, watches, drums, or pajamas, and he also has a great ear for sound and musical tastes. He is really a guy who is after my own heart when it comes to this stuff.

So it is no wonder Internetland has rising interests in what Carter is doing musically. Between his long-standing gig with the Broadway musical The Lion King, and his more improvised and loose approach with the unreal guitar freak Charlie Hunter, it would appear that Carter has found his footing quite firmly in his career. He also has an educational website business called Four Hands Drumming.

Again, considering Carter’s immense appeal, that also means that other podcasters have also sought interest in interviewing him. I have had the desire to interview Carter for a long time now, but every time I would consider reaching out to him he would appear on a podcast…and this happened what seemed like a handful of times until I finally decided to hit him up and make something completely different. There is no sense in diluting the airwaves with rehashed Carter interviews, taking away the value of both this show and the others who have also had really fantastic sessions with Carter.

So what did we talk about? Well, let’s see. We talk about watches, audiophile equipment, a gruesome skiing incident involving Carter and his friend, that one fateful morning working at Manny’s Music when the Twin Towers came crashing down, a memorable lesson with Peter Erskine, his new book, the switch to Ludwig. In other words, a lot – and it is all dealt in a rapid-fire type fashion. This is a rather short episode considering the sheer vastness of subject matter.

I highly recommend that you follow Carter online and check out his Drumeo lesson featured below to get a taste of what Carter is about. He does an amazing job waving the groove/song drumming flag that seems to have become somewhat elusive since chops have become so fascinating to many drummers. He is without question one of the most controlled, smooth players in the game, and an equally thoughtful and intelligent guy with some great perspectives.

I feature some tunes performed by Charlie Hunter and Carter McLean live in Manchester. If you enjoyed what you heard and want to hear more of that music, please watch the video below.

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