“New decade. New year. New goals. New energy.”

Brian Frasier-Moore is one of the GOATs in the pop music scene. He has been a major player in the business for nearly three decades and has worked with some of the biggest names in pop. Another aspect of Brian that is quite exceptional is his ability to continue adapting and also innovate within the industry. I am not kidding when I say that BFM World will soon have VR capabilities for students. You will hear more about it in this episode.

I interviewed Brian at the Victoria Drum Festival all the way back in episode 118. It was my first time meeting him and the interview went great. We had a really nice time breaking bread and having some drinks together at the dinner table with our friends after the interview. It was an incredible moment that I won’t soon forget.

The theme of that interview was something that I felt was unique and Brian said that he had not experienced an interview quite like it before. I took some of Brian’s “gems” and we got talking about some of the ideas and concerns that he has addressed in the past. I wanted to have Brian on the show again simply because he has such a real attitude. He tells it how it is and it is all based on considerable amounts of experience. So, we went with some newer “gems” and we get down to some very real subjects and break down some big issues here.

In this episode:

You will hear about…

  • Adapting to the times and VR innovations for BFM World
  • Social media and lack of authenticity
  • How this is year affecting Brian’s goals and ambitions
  • Why people don’t want to pay for content
  • The “old you” and how people can hold you to that standard
  • Brian’s new signature snare from Pearl drums

Why you should listen:

This is not evergreen content, which means that we are talking a lot about the times we are currently living in. This was recorded during the COVID crisis, however not during the BLM protests after George Floyd’s death. So, keep that in mind when you are listening.

Overall, we need to self-evaluate. What are your relationships like with people and technology? Do people hold you to old standards when you are indeed making a strong effort to be the best version of yourself? Would you consider supporting more creatives in the industry who are providing us with music, apparel, or other collectibles? Did you have big dreams this year that have been somewhat crushed by the events happening in the world? If you reflected on any of these questions, consider deeply listening to this conversation.

This is literally Brian and I just hanging out and being real about some big subjects. I hope that you enjoy the ride.

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