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Benny Greb: Effective Practicing For Musicians

Seamus Evely  /  UPDATED Oct 4, 2023

“To stay on course there has to be a course in the first place.”

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Benny Greb recently released his book Effective Practicing For Musicians: The Ultimate Guide For How To Become Better At Your Instrument. It took him many years of research and several years to write it.

He wrote me late last year to ask about discussing his book on the podcast, to which I replied, “Absolutely! Send me the book and we will do it!”. Upon receiving it, I began reading and put together my own EPM (Effective Practicing for Musicians) system using the book and its sets of questions to determine where I wanted my drumming to go and what needed to be addressed. Since then, I have never been so happy and determined in my drumming life. 

The book calibrates you and fills you up with momentum to tackle the lessons, whether online or in person, with more focus and purpose. Whenever I look for lessons on Drumeo, I now know exactly what I am looking for.

I consider this book an essential resource for drummers who are committed to becoming the musician they wish to be. You can get it right here.

In this episode:

You will hear about…

  • Why we must separate playing from practicing
  • Benny’s ratio between time spent practicing versus playing
  • How we should treat ourselves during practice
  • A story from the book outlining how small changes applied consistently over time can create an enormous impact
  • The Whale Method
  • The Feel Good Factor
  • What you should practice

Why should you listen?

Do you want to become better at your instrument? If you said yes to that question, you should listen to this. This is only the first part of three parts of the EPM series and I think this is a nice coat of primer for what’s to come.

(Listen to part two here)

A lot of the material in the book and within this podcast episode resonated with me deeply. These are things that most, if not all of us go through, and it’s valuable to have some empathetic advice to steer us toward more clarity.

Music featured in today’s show

Moving Parts – “Celsius”: 0:00
Greb/Husband – “Immune System”: 1:33
Greb/Husband – “Icebath”: 11:50
Greb/Husband – “Meditation”: 32:53
Benny Greb – “No. 1”: 43:37

Feature Photo: Gerhard Kuehne

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