“I’m curious how many people are good at saying, ‘I like this. I don’t like this’, no matter what someone else says.”

It is always a good time chatting with Aric Improta. He’s the extremely energetic drummer for Night Verses and Fever 333 that you may have seen hanging off of speaker cabinets and rafters all while performing backflips and pulling 360s off his drum throne. Aric is an absolute beast of a showman. Of course, many drummers have watched his Guitar Centre Drum-Off video which was riddled with tricks and stunts.

Beyond the tricks, Aric also has a way of paving his own lane. He has a preference for remaining focused on his own creativity and not taking in very much outside influence. Aric is the kind of drummer who incorporates technology, ingenuitive techniques, radical showmanship, athletics, and then all of the other “normal” stuff we drummers usually do. No one is like Aric. A dedicated craftsman who is among my favorite drummers of his generation.

In this episode:

You will hear about…

  • The quarantine, habits, and masks
  • Attachment and creating art in isolation
  • Authenticity and the importance of choice
  • Past references and making a statement
  • How art lubricates society so that ideas and thoughts can be expressed more freely
  • Our thoughts on getting attention online
  • A bit about a new project with Munky from Korn

Why you should listen:

Aric and I tackle a lot of stuff that touches on the quarantine and creativity. The whole situation of the lockdown and how that affects creative output is a big topic and it is interesting to think about and discuss. How does social media change our perspectives on what we create? This is the kind of territory we explore.

Aric and I have talked before, more than once, and I wanted to create something very unplanned and spontaneous with him here. I know that Aric appreciates that and he would carry the conversation well. So, really this episode is just two dudes having some fun gabbing about some deep stuff.

Song featured is Copper Wasp performed by Night Verses – watch the whole thing here

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