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Have you ever looked back at old videos of you drumming and thought, “Wow, I’ve come so far?”

Jared Falk (Drumeo’s fearless leader, in case you didn’t know) has been putting content online for 17 years. That’s longer than some YouTube drummers have been alive!

While his first video went up in 2006, it wasn’t until 2013 that Jared created an educational video series called “Successful Drumming”. It included a bunch of play-alongs, and one was called “Challenge Accepted”, recorded in 2012. It was meant to challenge Jared’s skills, and he spent a long time making sure he could play it well (since he had an expensive hourly studio rental and film crew that was draining his wallet every take).

9 years later, Jared wanted to look back at that play-along video and share some context around his playing at the time – and then recreate it in the current Drumeo studio.

In almost a decade of progress, he’s learned to make more musically disciplined choices. Back in 2012, he felt like he had something to prove. But Jared has since realized that it isn’t about flashy fills and being technical. It’s about playing the drums so they match the music.

Which of the two videos do you like better? Has Jared improved?

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